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5 user4929494

We worked with Emma to list and sell our home in 2014. From the first meeting, she provided excellent guidance about the process, timing, and valuation. When we decided not to list at that time, she was supportive, never trying to pressure us to sell. Because of her manner, we decided to list with Emma once we were ready to sell. She gave excellent advice about the listing price, how to show our home, and provided referrals of competent and reasonably priced individuals to do repairs, pre-inspection, window cleaning and moving. She was always efficient, timely and on top of all aspects of the sale, keeping us informed of everything we needed to know. Her recommendations about the listing price, combined with her negotiating skills, helped us to sell the house for $40,000 over our asking price. Selling a house can be a daunting experience, but Emma certainly minimized our stress levels and we experienced a more stream-lined and efficient process than we ever expected.

5 Scorpio971

Both my husband and I just recently relocated from Europe, looking for a place to call home. It was our first big investment together, in a country we were not yet familiar with. It was important for us to have someone very knowledgeable about the local process and patient enough to walk us through each step and specificities of the U.S Real Estate market. On top of that, we figured out soon enough that the Seattle Real Estate market is very competitive. Because we had no previous credit history in the U.S, it could have been difficult to compete with other buyers applications. We have tried other realtors before Emma and we had the feeling with them we should feel lucky just having a roof above our heads. Unlike other realtors, Emma will never ask you for exclusivity because she is just not afraid of competition and she will never put any pressure on you. Thanks to Emma, we do not only have a roof above our heads but we have truly found the house of our dreams. It took us 3.5 months to find our house and Emma has been in contact with us every single day, sometimes several times a day, including week-ends. Emma never spares her efforts, she is very pro-active and responsive and with her, you will always be on top of the inventory. I have never experienced such a quality of service. The best part is that, the service does not end when she gets her commission (like you would expect from most realtors) as she makes sure she continues to help you with anything you might need around the house once you’ve moved in. Emma has this “human touch” that is not always quantifiable in business terms but that will make the difference at the seller’s decision level and in the overall buyer’s experience. She will make sure she secures the house for you and she will protect your interests all the way to closing the deal. My husband and I feel lucky because we do not only have a great place to live but we also have a dear friend who is always willing to help with anything around the house. Thank you Emma !

5 kathleenhiggins82

Emma is the consummate professional. She follows up with phone calls, emails and texts regarding any questions. Her mantra is “put your best foot forward” and she truly does – all the time!

5 mjhsmith34

Emma was wonderful to work with! I couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable, attentive, or caring agent if she’d been my own daughter. I never doubted that she had my best interests in mind all the way through the process. Any buyer would be most fortunate to have Emma on his/her side. I was interested in finding a condo in a particular location with particular features, and that was what she found for me. She also helped me in locating excellent services for setting up the mortgage and getting settled in my new home. She offered good, helpful, honest advice when asked for it, and I was grateful for all her support. Buying my condo turned out to be very positive experience because of Emma.

5 familybrown4

Emma was our agent when we sold our land attached to our home ~ not a simple and straightforward task. She was and continues to be highly professional as she goes above and beyond the everyday negotiations of our sale. As the buyer builds and has requests she has been amazing and is always on our side. She keeps an interest on progress and has held our hand every-step of the way. She will be the go to person should we decide to downsize as I know her and respect her opinion and market knowledge.

5 marissaschulz

Emma has helped us with the sale and purchase of two homes in Issaquah and Sammamish. Both were related to a corporate relocation, which meant we had to work with her across the miles and in person. Her professionalism, attention to detail, ability to follow-up well and willingness to make sure we found just the right fit for our most recent home purchase are all attributes that make her a fantastic real estate agent. We would use her again and again as our agent – our family is so grateful for her professionalism and attention to detail. We love our new home!

5 dee4pax

I loved working with Emma. She is generous with her time, quick to respond, fun to be with, does her homework, stays on top of the listings, not pushy, listens to her clients’ interests and needs, willing to drive all over the place and then some. She is professional, smart and savy. She took the pain out of house hunting and helped us to find the perfect, I mean truly perfect home for us.

5 mark bonyhadi

Some friends found their dream home through Emma and so we decided to give her a try. She spent meaningful time with us to find out our likes and dislikes, and convinced us to look at home that were perhaps not ideal, but had key features that we might or might not like. We started the process a bit before we were ready to buy…..so that by the time we were prepared to buy a home, Emma had accumulated a long list of what was important to us related to house features, neighborhood characteristics, commute information, and an array of attributes we were unaware were important to us when we started the journey. When we were ready to buy, Emma was always providing us with great opportunities to see homes that had manner of the features we desired. When we actually found our dream home, Emma contacted us that day and told us she thought she found exactly what we wanted and that we should come immediately if we wanted a chance to get a place that was likely to go in just days. We visited the home….and she was right, it was perfect….and it is now ours. Her continual focus, level headedness, extreme availability, and attention to detail made the experience much more fun than I thought it would be. So…..two thumbs up for Emma. I recommend her to anyone who wants to end up in their dream home!

5 donald norton

Emma helped us buy and sell our home. She made this stressful time and made it easy, getting a great price on our current home and sold our house for top dollar. Emma will always be our agent for any transaction we do in the future!

5 shannonkarr

Emma was amazing to work with! She was supportive and helpful through the entire process of selling one home and buying another. I have recommended Emma to friends over and over and each one comes back with stories about how amazing, kind, and caring she is.

5 user07622176

Emma did an amazing job and never gave up in finding us our perfect townhouse. She understood our needs and didn’t waste our time viewing unrealistic properties.

5 user3732922

Emma Guenette will go over and above to help you sell your house. She was with us every step of the way, taking great care to make sure everything was done properly. She was always respectful and answered any questions we had through the process. She made selling the house seem much less daunting. She took care of the many little things that needed to be done that had we tried to sell the house on our own, we would have never known to do. Emma treated us like family and took very good care of us all the way to the very end! We would highly recommend her for any real estate needs!

5 jmurrill

We are so thankful that we had Emma to guide us through our first home buying experience! Emma is so kind, responsive, and detail oriented. She really knows the market and spent time walking us through each step of the process, from understanding what we were looking for in a home, to walk throughs, to putting in a offer to checking in after we moved in. We were initially nervous going into such a competitive market as first time home buyers but we soon realized we had nothing to worry about with Emma as our realtor. We really wouldn’t have been able to purchase our dream home without her and her knowledge of how to put the best foot forward when it came to submitting a competitive offer. She loves her job and it shows! I highly recommend Emma as a top notch realtor!

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